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Welcome to our magical spa menu! We've got a cornucopia of treatments that'll leave you feeling like your new favorite Disney character.

Here's our line-up of services with their price tags:

Lash Lift & Tint $80

Brow Lamination $80

Lash & Brow Combo $140

Teeth Whitening $125

Laser Hair Removal

provided with by medical grade SharpLight Device that has a -8 degree cooling tip for comfort!

Toes - Upper Lip - Stomach line:

$80 per treatment or $444 For a package of 8

Bikini - Back of Neck - Under Arms:

$125 per treatment or $555 for a package of 8

Brazilian - Full Beard (Chin & Neck Upper lip) - Half Legs or Arms:

$170 per treatment or $888 for a package of 8

Full Back - Full Chest & Stomach - Full Arms:

$260 per treatment or $1333 for a package of 8

Full Legs: $332 per treatment or $1444 for a package of 8

There's more! We also have a secret weapon called Plasma Skin Tightening Pen. This bad girl starts at just $80 per treatment and can zap away lines, sun spots, moles, and even scars!
I can even plump & sculpture your lips & nose with this magical pen!

Lip Flip for $222

Tighten your stomach Half or full Stomach: $260 $444 per treatment

Or help with loose skin around your eyes $222 / $444


With My medical Grade Sharp Light Technologies device IPL hand piece with a -8 degree cooling tip for comfort; you can even enjoy a fast but effective facial to target fine lines uneven skin texture, pigmentation concerns & more Combined with Soft Plasma LED INFRA LIGHT & Natural products these Plumping facials are $170 a Treatment or A package of 4 for $444


So go ahead, give yourself the main character treatment!


Lash Lift & Tint

Brow Lamination

Natural brows or lashes amplified!

Permanently curled (or placed) until the hair sheds. Lasting 8-12 weeks no maintenance just natural beauty!


Laser Hair Removal

Using medical grade Sharplight Technologies device offering immediate results, and comfort with the -8 degree cooling tip. With rapid light light pulse technology targeting the hair-root for optimum results.

An average of 8 sessions to hair free!

Hair Must have pigment for laser to target. With dual action capabilities range of thickness and darkness of hair can be treated.

Safe on Skin types 1-4.

Free Consultations


IPL Plump You Facial

Along side the SharpLight medical grad IPL device with a -8 degree cooling tip The Plump You facial uses all elements air fire earth water & soul to rid face of toxins plump skin & reducing fine lines, minimizing pores & rid of negative energy giving an instant lift & glow

Plasma SkinTightening

Get ready for our game changing soft surgery treatment that takes years off your skin & or any area of your body! Contour Your Nose Lips & more or treating  your acne spots, sun spots, skin tag removal, wrinkle lines, loose saggy skin any where!

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