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Electric Facial Cleansing Brush Wireless

Electric Facial Cleansing Brush Wireless

SKU: 32867975892

Facial Brush Pore Dirts Cleanse Anti Aging Wrinkle Facial Cleanser

Function 1: 360 degree no head corner skin pores cleanse, help remove makeup deepl
Function 2: Promote the absorption of skin care products
Function 3: reduce skin oil out, peeling, remove blackhead, acne skin repair
Matertial Of Brushing Heads: Bamboo charcoal silicone
Working principle: Sonic Vibration to take dirts in pore away
Power Recharge Feature: Wireless Charging For 5 Hours
Vibration Frequency: 12000 Time Per Minutes
Size: 6x8x4 cm
Speed Adjustment: 5 speed frequency adjustment

    GST/HST Included
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